Setting up a serious company focused on quality and excellence of renewable products.
This was a dream, a desire that was achieved in 1993 by Mr. Joćo Piovesan when he founded Piomade. At the beginning, the company worked with wood drying through computerized Dry Kilns to be used in furniture production. In 1996 Piomade began producing Pine solid wood panels from renewable forests from the south of Brazil.

As time went by, Piomade increased and improved its productive process, bought new technologies, built a new productive area and enabled its team of collaborators to produce wood panels with renewable wood, which diversified their use in different ways.

In 2005 Piomade began the Eucalyptus Panel productive process, also from renewable forests. Piomade is a brand that reunites dedication, seriousness, professionalism and sustainability to develop the highest quality products, which shows to the market the true concept “the noble use of wood”.

A new product is launched by Piomade in 2012, Pioaquece. A completely sustainable energy source, elaborated with pressed residue of wood from productive process of panels and wood components. Thus completing the sustainability cycle, from renewable forests raw materials until the pellets production, emphasizing again the noble use of wood.